Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Meeting summary and sleepover info..

We had a great meeting this past Monday! It was a crazy big crowd though! Both the Daisy's and Brownies met together. We had time to let the girls who where unable to attend the party to complete a task in order for them to get their Juliette Low Fun Patch. We also spent time talking about the upcoming "Thinking Day" for the Girl Scouts (in Feb) and what the theme will be for this year (extreme poverty and hunger). We related that to the food drive the school is having and how we can make a difference in our own community. We talked about the World Trefoil pin that we will be getting soon and what it stands for. (Ask your girls to tell you something about it). We also played a game called "cabbage" that the Brownies in Zimbabwe, Africa like to play. Special thanks to the 3 moms who were able to stay for the meeting--you were all such a huge help!! Thanks!

As for the part of the uniform the girls decided on: The Daisy's voted to get the tunic and the Brownies voted on the vest. I will hopefully be able to purchase those by the end of November. I sent home a copy of the flyer I received for the overnight in Olive Hill to be held December 4th. I need to know at least by Monday (11/9) if your child will be attending and have the fee by then. I want to send registration in early enough for our girls to be guarenteed a spot. Activities begin at the sleepover at 6:30--we will try to get there shortly after 6pm so I can complete registration there and pick up our badges. I am not sure yet what time it is over on Saturday. Ideally, I would love to get some vehicles to drive the girls over there in. I will wait and see how many are going and what I can come up with--this way, not everyone needs to make multiple trips to Olive Hill. I will figure this out and let you know. Don't let transportation keep your daughter from going. If I have missed anything in the giving of information, let me know!

Becky Copeland

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