Sunday, November 29, 2009

This past Monday...

Sorry I am late updating the site! It has been a crazy Holiday weekend as I am sure you all have had also!

The Daisy's met this past Monday and we worked on our Bells we are using in the Christmas parade. We also began some work on our service project. As Girl Scouts, one thing we do is Service Projects. This is where we do something that helps those around us. For our first service project, we are going to make small "baskets" that are filled with different items the girls are going to make. Each girl will then be given a few baskets to hand to an elderly neighbor or family member or a shut in. So moms and dads, be thinking of a few people who might be encouraged by getting one of these baskets. So we had a very "crafty" meeting! Thanks Loretta for bringing snack--the kids loved it!

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