Thursday, November 19, 2009

a few reminders and outlook...

Don't forget we have a Daisy meeting this coming Monday since the kids now have school! Over the next few meetings with both groups, we will be starting our first service project. For our service project we are making some small items to put in a basket and take to the elderly or shut in's. If you have any around where you live let me know and we will make up a basket for them and your daughter can deliver it. I have been doing this in my neighborhood for several years and the older generation love it and appreciate it! The girls will get patches for this service project. It will be lots of fun! We will also be making some jingle bells for the parade.

Speaking of the parade, remember it is December 5th. We will have a tractor pulling us on a trailor. We will try to decorate it somewhat (with lights and hay bales) and the girls will be shaking their bells (our theme is jingle bells). I would love to see ALL the girls attend if they are not out of town or sick.

For those attending, don't forget about the sleepover coming up on the 4th. I will post more details when I get them as far as when we will meet and who is driving and all of that.

To keep in mind, at some point in December, we will be going caroling in town. The girls who attend will also get a patch for this. When I get a date set, I will let you know.

REMEMBER--the money for the fall product has to be in my hands by early morning on the 30th of November. I will be at school that morning to get any money I haven't received yet. Contact me about getting the money from you. Thanks!

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