Monday, December 21, 2009


Tonight the Brownies and Daisys had a very successful evening of Christmas caroling! We sang to several people in the Grayson area and passed along much Christmas cheer! The girls did great! They sang beautifully and were such good sports. I was really impressed that almost all of them were wanting to be in the front row. There were hardly any complaints about the cold or the walking. GREAT JOB GIRLS--I AM SOOO PROUD OF YOU! What wonderful young ladies we have--give them an extra hug today and tell them how great they are! After we caroled, we ate lots of Christmas goodies and drank some hot beverages. While everyone ate and drank, I introduced the Cookie sales. It begins Jan. 8th, so if you weren't able to make it tonight, we need to be sure you get your sales papers before the 8th. I also passed out the January calendars. We will start off with the Daisy's meeting on January

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Brownie meeting completed

I was very proud of the girls at the meeting today! They were soooo good!! They really listend and followed directions today! Go girls! We completed our service project today. All the girls should have come home with a wrapped present (jar with the dry ingredients for hot chocolate). They are to give it to someone in their community that is either elderly or a shut-in. I would rather it go to someone who is not a grandparent. Try to encourage them to give it to someone they aren't as "comfortable" with being around. They need to do this before Christmas. Also, I gave out all the patches/badges they have earned up till now. I also gave them their sashes and identifying badges. Some are iron on and some are to be sewed onto the sash. If you have any questions ask me! I also sent out the info for caroling. I REALLY need someone from the family to be there so we can start to discuss cookie sales. Thanks!

Good evening everyone! I hope you all are having a good holiday season so far! Well, I have scheduled the last activity for the Brownies/Daisys for this year. We will be going caroling. This will happen on Monday, December 21 at 6 PM. Everyone is to meet at the First Church of Christ in Grayson promptly at 6 PM. From there, we will be walking the neighborhood while Christmas caroling. Depending on how the weather is, will determine how far we go and how long we do it for. Even if it is rainy, we will still carol--we will just go to Kmart or Ralphs and carol there under the eaves for a bit. After caroling, we will return for the church for hot drinks and Chrismas sweets! I will also have a craft for the girls to complete while I talk with you all. It is REALLY important for a parent/grandparent/family representative to be there for the caroling event. I tried to make the time so that most of you will be off work. If you can't make it while we are caroling, please come on in. I will need a few of the parents to stay behind at the church and get the hot water and drinks ready and the sweets set out. Also, I will be telling everyone the cookie sales info. I will handing out the sales pages for the cookies. Cookie sales begin January 8th, so I want you all to have it in hand so it won't be such a mad dash at the first of the year to gather everyone. So please, please, please, come to this event or have someone come for you so they can relay the info to you.

For the caroling, dress the girls warmly and let them wear their sashes/tunics that displays their badges and such. They will be excited to show them off! I really want to take a group picture of the girls at this time also.

So--Monday, December 21st at 6 PM at the First Church of Christ in Grayson--Be there and have fun!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Daisy meeting

The Daisy's met after school yesterday. They did a great job with all the activities. There was a lot to accomplish and they got it all done. Of course, we wouldn't have been able to do it without Loretta and Elizabeth to help. Thanks moms!!! You're the best! The girls made their Christmas cards and made their jar of dry ingredients for hot chocolate. At the end of the meeting, they were able to take their "gifts" home to give away to someone who could benefit from a bit of Christmas cheer (an elderly person or shut in). The next time the Daisy's will be getting together will be for our Christmas caroling the Monday before Christmas. I really need at least one parent/family representative there on that date. After caroling, I will be presenting all of the cookie information. So it is important for a parent to be there to receive it. I will be mailing a letter to you later this week that will have all the necessary info on it about the meeting. Thanks!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

We survived!!!

Everyone survived the overnight (including the moms that went!)(I soooooo appreciate you brave moms who went with us, I couldn't have done it without you!) We all had lots of fun. The dance studio ladies came and taught the girls some jazz, ballet, and basic dance movements. Our own Mary won her groups dance step game and Seria and Markita came in second in their groups! Way to go girls! We ate lots of pizza, popcorn and extra snacks that Seria's mom sent for all the girls. Thanks so much Loretta! We then set up our sleeping pads and snuggled in to watch Snow Buddies (very cute movie!) Everyone was finally asleep by midnight (yeah!) It was rise and shine by 7am and we packed up, ate poptarts, cold pizza and milk and trudged home. Imagine our surprise when we walked outside to be greeted by snow!!!! What a wonderful sight! Moms, dads be proud of your young ladies, they were polite and minded their manners and smiled all night long! I was proud of them!

Now, off to get things together and to get ready for the parade. See all of you at 3:30 by First Baptist church in town for the parade!! Dress warm! How wonderful to have snow for the Christmas parade!!

Don't forget the Daisy's meet after school this Monday--write your girls a note that will allow them to stay after school!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ok--I have some information for you parents. The first part of this pertains to those going on the overnight in Olive Hill this Friday evening, December 4th. I need to know from those going who needs a ride to the sleepover and back. This way I know for sure about who will be riding with whom. Also, for you moms who are going, I would love to know if you are willing to transport a child or two if needed. So please, please, please, let me hear from all of you (email or phone) as soon as possible. For those who need a ride there or wants to follow me up there, we are meeting at Farmers parking lot in Grayson at around 5: 35-5:40. I want to leave Grayson no later than 6PM. When we get to the sleepover I need to register and pick up the patches. Activities start at 6:30. Activities run till around 11-11:30 PM then we will bed down and try to get some sleep. We will get up at 7 AM, poptarts and milk by 7:30 and leaving there by 8am. We will meet back in Grayson at 8:30 AM at Farmers for you to pick up your girls. The sleepover is not a lock in, so if you need to leave before 8AM, that is fine. Just let me know what time you want to pick them up at the school and I will be sure they are ready to go by that time. I will have my cell phone with me (831-3479) so call me if you need to. I recommend the girls pack light. Here are some recommendations for what to bring: pajamas (or loose clothing like sweat pants--something warm to sleep in would probably be better), house shoes/socks, clothes to change into on Saturday, toothbrush/toothpaste, comb, any medicines that are needed to be taken in a baggie that is labeled and has instructions with it, pillow, sleeping bag, blanket, and a can of food or nonperishable item to donate to the food pantry. There is no need for the girls to bring money or anything valuable. If an air matress is brought, the only rule they have is a big air mattress can't just have one person on it, because of room constraints. If you have any additional questions for me, please contact me!

Now, for the parade. Very simple, we need to meet at the First Baptist Church parking lot beside the courthouse at 3:30 Pm on Saturday. My dad will be pulling the girls on a trailor down Main street. Have the girls dress warm, coats, gloves, scarves, hats, etc. If your daughter wants to throw candy during the parade, they can bring a bag of candy with them. The parade may seem like a small thing, but it really means alot to the kids and will be a fun memory for them. If they don't have a previous commitment, I hope they are able to attend.

I have tenatively scheduled the girls to go Christmas caroling on the Monday before Christmas. I am still working on details, but am hoping we can go caroling at the Friendship and chapel houses and possibly outside Kmart for a bit. It will be great fun and the girls that participate will get patches for it. After the caroling, we will go to First Church of Christ in town and have some hot drinks and cookies. Speaking of cookies, I will at that time give everyone information on our upcoming cookie sales that begins the first of the year. So keep that date in mind (it will be during the evening). Possibly beginning at 6 PM. I will let you know when I have things pinned down a bit more.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Brownies met today....

Let's just say that the girls were certainly "energetic" today! It was good to see everyone again--especially those who have been out sick recently! Today we began some work on our service project for the Christmas season. But first, as a group, the girls came up with some rules of behavior for our meetings. Things were getting kinda crazy, so we thought it would be good to have some set rules. Along with the rules, the girls came up with and voted on what the punishments should be if the rules are broken. After the basic business was completed, we made Christmas cards to go in the baskets we are working on. They did a great job and the cards look great!! Another successful meeting!! I do encourage any parents who are free during the meeting time to come and join us or come early and join in! Thanks!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Here are some don't forgets!!

Tomorrow--Monday, Nov. 30th is our next Brownie meeting. Moms/dads, don't forget to write a note for your daughter to stay after school!! We will be starting work on our service project!

If you haven't already turned in your product money--I will be at the school Monday morning (tomorrow) to pick it up. Hopefully I can get a parking spot directly in front of school. I am driving a Honda Odyssey. Thanks! If for some reason I am not there or you can't find me, drop the money off at the office and I will check in there! Thanks!

I am attending my monthly region leader meeting this Tuesday,so hopefully I will get an itinerary for the sleepover this coming Friday. As soon as I know, you will know. So for those of you that are planning on going to the overnight, expect a call/email from me Tuesday or Wednesday!

The Christmas parade is this Saturday (the 5th). We have a spot reserved for our Brownie and Daisy's. I really hope everyone will be able to attend! It is so much fun for the girls and they can take pride in their being a girl scout while going down Main street. As of this point, we are to meet at the First Baptist Church parking lot (next to the courthouse) at 3:30. It is looking like our sashes and tunics won't make it in time for the parade, so dress warm!!!!

Any questions about anything--call me!!

This past Monday...

Sorry I am late updating the site! It has been a crazy Holiday weekend as I am sure you all have had also!

The Daisy's met this past Monday and we worked on our Bells we are using in the Christmas parade. We also began some work on our service project. As Girl Scouts, one thing we do is Service Projects. This is where we do something that helps those around us. For our first service project, we are going to make small "baskets" that are filled with different items the girls are going to make. Each girl will then be given a few baskets to hand to an elderly neighbor or family member or a shut in. So moms and dads, be thinking of a few people who might be encouraged by getting one of these baskets. So we had a very "crafty" meeting! Thanks Loretta for bringing snack--the kids loved it!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

a few reminders and outlook...

Don't forget we have a Daisy meeting this coming Monday since the kids now have school! Over the next few meetings with both groups, we will be starting our first service project. For our service project we are making some small items to put in a basket and take to the elderly or shut in's. If you have any around where you live let me know and we will make up a basket for them and your daughter can deliver it. I have been doing this in my neighborhood for several years and the older generation love it and appreciate it! The girls will get patches for this service project. It will be lots of fun! We will also be making some jingle bells for the parade.

Speaking of the parade, remember it is December 5th. We will have a tractor pulling us on a trailor. We will try to decorate it somewhat (with lights and hay bales) and the girls will be shaking their bells (our theme is jingle bells). I would love to see ALL the girls attend if they are not out of town or sick.

For those attending, don't forget about the sleepover coming up on the 4th. I will post more details when I get them as far as when we will meet and who is driving and all of that.

To keep in mind, at some point in December, we will be going caroling in town. The girls who attend will also get a patch for this. When I get a date set, I will let you know.

REMEMBER--the money for the fall product has to be in my hands by early morning on the 30th of November. I will be at school that morning to get any money I haven't received yet. Contact me about getting the money from you. Thanks!

Monday, November 16, 2009

New Series

The Brownies met this afternoon. Today we started the first lesson in this year's Brownie book. It is titled "the Wonders of Water" otherwise known as WOW. It is a journey of learning about water and ways we can love it and respect it as a resource. The girls will earn 4 different badges as we go through the journey. We aren't going to complete it straight through the next 4 weeks. It will be spread out over the rest of the year. On today's journey we talked about things we love about water and about the water cycle. We also made real rainbows and then drew rainbows and talked about how they are made. We also discussed what it would be like if we had a limited amount of fresh water.

I would like to encourage any Brownie moms that aren't busy during our meeting times to come and join us a few times. It would be great to have an extra pair of hands, if for nothing else than just crowd control. lol!! I hope everyone is staying healthy!

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Thank you everyone for picking up your product today--there are only a few left to hand out and arrangements have been made for most of these! Good job!! If you come across any extra product or are missing any let me know. Right now we are short 5 Deluxe Pecan Clusters--so if you come across any, please let me know! The $ for the product (if you haven't already turned it in) is due to me NO LATER than early morning of NOv. 30th. I can be at school that morning if anyone wants to bring it to me, or we can meet up sometime that weekend before. Please contact me and let me know. I know that is a Holiday weekend, but I am sure we can work something out!
The incentives and badges will be given to me Tuesday evening on the 1st at my meeting.

Don't forget the Brownies are meeting this Monday after school (Nov. 16th) and the Daisy's will be meeting the next Monday (Nov.23rd). So don't forget to write excuses for the girls to stay after school on their respective days.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fall Product pickup

Fall product comes in this Friday!! It will be easier on me to set up a time and place to pick up the product. I will be at First Church of Christ in Grayson on Saturday, November 14th, from 10 AM-12PM. Please come and pick up your product at this time or make arrangements for someone else to pick it up for you. If it is absolutely impossible for you to pick it up or have someone pick it up for you, call me and I will figure a time I will be home, you can come pick it up at my house. Thanks all!

Monday, November 9, 2009

The Daisy's meet!

What a good meeting today! We had a new Daisy join us today and a new one last week--welcome girls!! Today we started our new Daisy book for this year--"Between Earth and Sky". It is about taking a trip with some flowers from the Daisy Flower Garden. They are taking a trip from Maine to Alaska. We will be on the journey with them learning about our Earth, nature, water and the world around us. Inbedded in each lesson is parts of the Girl Scout Law that as Daisy's it is important to learn in order to know the basis behind being a Girl Scout. We got to take a "nature hike" around the schoolyard and learned the Friendship handshke and circle. AFter these lessons are complete-the girls will earn several badges. Thanks to Seria's mom who brought materials for the girls to make a necklace or bracelet and brought treat bags for the girls. We weren't originally scheduled to meet the Monday of Thanksgiving due to school being out. But now it looks like school will be in session on that Monday, so our Daisy's will be meeting that Monday. Thanks moms (and dads)for all your help and for letting be a part of your child's life.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Meeting summary and sleepover info..

We had a great meeting this past Monday! It was a crazy big crowd though! Both the Daisy's and Brownies met together. We had time to let the girls who where unable to attend the party to complete a task in order for them to get their Juliette Low Fun Patch. We also spent time talking about the upcoming "Thinking Day" for the Girl Scouts (in Feb) and what the theme will be for this year (extreme poverty and hunger). We related that to the food drive the school is having and how we can make a difference in our own community. We talked about the World Trefoil pin that we will be getting soon and what it stands for. (Ask your girls to tell you something about it). We also played a game called "cabbage" that the Brownies in Zimbabwe, Africa like to play. Special thanks to the 3 moms who were able to stay for the meeting--you were all such a huge help!! Thanks!

As for the part of the uniform the girls decided on: The Daisy's voted to get the tunic and the Brownies voted on the vest. I will hopefully be able to purchase those by the end of November. I sent home a copy of the flyer I received for the overnight in Olive Hill to be held December 4th. I need to know at least by Monday (11/9) if your child will be attending and have the fee by then. I want to send registration in early enough for our girls to be guarenteed a spot. Activities begin at the sleepover at 6:30--we will try to get there shortly after 6pm so I can complete registration there and pick up our badges. I am not sure yet what time it is over on Saturday. Ideally, I would love to get some vehicles to drive the girls over there in. I will wait and see how many are going and what I can come up with--this way, not everyone needs to make multiple trips to Olive Hill. I will figure this out and let you know. Don't let transportation keep your daughter from going. If I have missed anything in the giving of information, let me know!

Becky Copeland

Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Fun Halloween!

Thanks to all of you who were able to attend today's festivities and to all of you who helped out! We had a successful ceremony/party. We had our investiture ceremony where the girls received their pins and they also received what badges they had earned so far. We also decorated pumpkins and busted a pumpkin pinata! We also spent some time talking about Juliett Low and her bringing Girl Scouts to the US and how her nickname was "Daisy"--sound familiar! We had a birthday cake in her memory and sang happy birthday to her. The girls played and sang karoke and a good time was had by all! We are sad we didn't get to see the girls who weren't able to make it, but we will see all of you at our meeting Monday (both Daisy's and Brownies). Don't forget to bring a note to school giving you permission to stay after for the meeting!

Becky Copeland

Monday, October 26, 2009

This and that from up on the hill....

Because of no school today our Daisy meeting wasn't able to meet.
But I do want to remind everyone that we are still having our party on Saturday. I hope all the girls are able to attend. We will be having our pining ceremony, then celebrating our American Girl Scout founders birthday, Julliette Low, then we will end with some good ol' fashioned Halloween fun! Don't worry about bringing anything, just your girls and yourself if you are able. It begins at 2PM at my house. If you are unsure where I am at, please call me and I will help out! Don't ever hesitate to call me about anything big or small. See you all Saturday!

Becky Copeland

The zoo trip

We had a great time at the zoo!! It was pretty chilly in the morning, but we kept warm by walking. We saw lots of different animals and talked about where they lived and things they ate. The girls did so good and seemed to really enjoy themselves. Thanks to all who went, or helped out. Thank you for letting me be with your daughters on this day! What a treasure! I hope your girls enjoyed themselves and learned something!

Becky Copeland

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I am going to use some of the fall product money to buy the girls their sash/vest (whichever they decide on). If they aleady have their sash/vest then I will let them choose another piece of the uniform that equals the cost of the sash/vest. I hope to have these by Thanksgiving. That should give everyone time to get their numbers, pins, etc on them before the Christmas parade. We are going to do a float for the parade, and I want all the girls to have their sash/vest to wear during the parade. It will be great fun!!! I will be talking with you and the girls more about this over the next month. Some of you had been asking about uniforms, so I wanted to let you know what was in the woodworks. I will have the girls decide on what they want (sash vs. vest) at the next meeting and I will let you know what they decided on!

Becky Copeland

Good morning!! Our Brownie meeting yesterday went really well! I have such fun with the girls! We did activities that will help in working towards two different Try-its. The Eco-awareness and animal patch. For the girls going on the zoo trip, they will complete the activities needed to obtain these two Try-Its. For the girls unable to attend the zoo, they can do a short activity at home to complete their tasks. I will let these girls know what they need to do in order to finish up for their patches. Ask your girls what we talked about at the meeting. To give you a heads up so you can prompt them if they have forgotten: we thought of an animal and talked about what "habitats" were and had the girls draw a picture of that animals habitat, we alo did an animal movement charade. Hope the girls had fun and have learned a bit about animals and how they live, move and act.

Becky Copeland

Monday, October 19, 2009

A few tidbits:

Great job selling the Fall Product! Be very proud of yourselves and your girls! I don’t have final totals, but everyone has done wonderful!!!

The zoo trip is coming fast! We will be meeting at a new time, we are now meeting at 6:15 AM. I know this is early, but it opens at 9am and I want to get there close to opening and get back to Grayson by dark. Make sure you bring jackets/raincoats and umbrellas just in case!! Also, I am going to have several coolers in my van for holding drinks and snacks for the girls. You might want to bring a favorite drink or snack for you daughter to have or share. I will try to have some waters in the cooler to drink. If you want your daughter to have extra money—put it in a baggie with their name on it and the amount in there and I will keep it in my bag if you want. Remember, if you are driving any child that is not your own, you need to be a registered adult with Girl Scouts in order for the insurance to cover them on the ride up and back. See me if you want to register as an adult ($12).

See separate flyer for information on the get together on Halloween.

If you have not given me your child’s registration papers or money, I need them ASAP. If you have not paid dues yet come see me when you get the chance. If you signed up to pay snack and just let me bring it, come see me or contact me and I will let you know how much. For those of you who opted to bring snack to meeting, I will be putting your name on a meeting date on future calendars to cover that meeting for snack.


Lastly, I have a blog site on the internet set up to help keep everyone informed of the goings on of the troops. The website is:
If you have trouble accessing it, let me know! I will be adding more to it over the next little bit, hope it is helpful!
Thanks for all you do!!

Becky Copeland (475-9425, 831-3479,

OCTOBER 31ST 2:00-????at Becky Copeland's house
On the date above we will be celebrating several things: our investure/rededication ceremony, Juliette Lows Birthday, and Halloween! We will begin with our ceremony where the girls will receive their girl scout pins, then we will have a birthday party for Juliette Low (one of Girl Scout's founders in the US) and then end with some fun activities for Halloween. All you need to do is show up with your daughter! The girls are encouraged to wear or bring their Halloween outfits. I hope to see everyone there! Please let me know if your daughter (and you) plan on attending so I will have an idea on how many to expect. Here are directions to my home. Coming the Willard way: Take Route 1 through Willard and turn Right on 486, Turn Right on 1122. Go to the top of the second hill and turn Left onto gravel driveway called Pennington Lane. Go one mile to the end of the gravel driveway and end at a brick house with green tin roof and wood playset out front of house. Hope to see everyone!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Welcome to our website! I am soooo excited to be the troop leader to these troops! My hope is for the girls in this troop to learn how to be strong and courageous women, to take pride in their own thoughts and ideas, to be able to stand firm in their beliefs, to be truthful and honest citizens, to treat others with respect and kindness and to overall have FUN!!! Our meetings are a mixture of learning what it means to be a Girl Scout and to learn new ways of thinking and to figure out what interests each girl. We will take our journey together and learn to be a team and sisters to each other. During this year, we will take trips together, have overnights, do projects to earn Try-its and Petals, have ceremonies to show our accomplishments and lift each other up in spirit. This website will keep everyone informed as to what is coming up on our schedule and also, keep everyone aware of what Badges we are currently working toward. I will try to keep up with posting schedules, events and brief summaries of our meetings or accomplishments. I hope everyone enjoys this and finds it to be helpful. I am open to any suggestions on how to make it better, so comment away! Thanks! Becky Copeland