Monday, January 25, 2010

Repost from Feb. information

There are a few items of interest I wanted to make sure everyone knew about. First of all, I need the cookie orders in my hands on Jan. 30th. I will be at Dairy Queen in Grayson from 10:00 AM to 12:00 AM. If you are not able to bring the sales paper to me at this time, please contact me beforehand. Another option is to bring the order forms to school on the 29th and give it to the secretary and I will pick it up that afternoon after school. A third option is to bring it to my home at some point that weekend. I will leave it up to you which you choose, but please let me know if it is some other time than Saturday the 30th. I will be inputing these orders over a few days time and the cookies should be in towards the end of February. I will not be able to apply for a cookie booth sale site until after January 25th. I will let you know the information about that as soon as I find out.

There are other patches the girls can get for cookie sales (I just discovered): the booth sales patch, goal getter patch, smart cookies patch and the cookie share path. For the Goal Getter Patch, go to and click on cookie info. Go to bottom of page and click on “catch goals” and fill out information. As the selling goal for our troop I put 1000 boxes. For the Booth sales patch, the child has to help in booth sales. For the Smart Cookies Patch, go to, click on volunteer tab, then click on girl age level (brownie or daisy) and complete 2 activities from the list. It says to print out the final sheet to show to me for proof—I will take the parent at their word, but please let me know when you turn in your order form if the girls met the requirements for the patch. For the cookie share patch, we aren’t doing anything formally, but I have been asking people if they want to buy extra boxes of cookies to donate to the Food Pantry in town. Then we are responsible to get those cookies to the food pantry when they come in. That is how to get that patch.

In February, the Girl Scouts celebrate “World Thinking Day”. This is an important day when girl scouts around the world celebrate other countries and the fact that there are girl scouts everywhere. I am going to have a special meeting for this day on Saturday, February 20th, from 12 PM till ??? at First Church of Christ in Grayson.
This activity is for both the Brownies and Daisy’s. We will be learning about a particular country and will have activities and snacks that celebrate that country. The girls will also be getting their Trefoil pins. I really would love for all the girls to attend this activity if possible. If any of them need a ride to or from the activity, let me know. Hopefully the cookies will be in by then and you all can pick them up—we will see with fingers crossed!

Thanks for all you do!

daisy's meet

The Daisy's met today. Thanks to Tammy for providing snack---the girls LOVED it!! Today we continued on our journey from our journal books. We followed the story of Lupie the Lupine flower and her friends as they traveled to Maine. They stopped at a beach that had sparkly stones instead of sand and saw many other Lupine flowers. We took our own journey looking for our favorite shapes around school. We also decorated and made origami butterflys. Fun was had by all and I can't wait until we find out where the journey takes us next!

Make-up Brownie meeting

The Brownies finally got to meet this past Friday. We enjoyed our time together! We continued with our lessons in our journey books, "Wonders of Water". The girls are learning to appreciate and love water. They decorated jars to place water in that they got from a favorite place. We discussed ways to conserve water and to implement that in their own homes. To round it up, we talked about how they were doing in their cookie sales and I reminded them that they had one more week till the sales end.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


We will be having a Brownie meeting this coming Friday from 3:30-5:00 to make up for the one we missed due to school cancellation. So don't forget to write your daughters a note to stay after school for this Friday.

Cookie sales orders need to be turned into me by Jan. 30th. I will set up a time and place to be for you to bring it to me. I will keep you updated.

There are several patches the girls can earn for cookie sales in addition to the one they get for selling 12 cookies. Check out, go to the cookie sales sections and click on incentives. Scroll toward the bottom and there are the other patches, it will give instructions on how to earn them. any questions, call me!

Hope everyone is having good and successful cookie sales!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cookie sales

I hope everyone is happily selling cookies!! I know we have been at it--burning the phone lines and internet lines up since the snow has slowed down getting out!! lol! Keep up the good work--don't be afraid going door to door. It is good experience for the girls and I promise the cookies will sell themselves! Call me if you need anything!

Well, school has been cancelled for tomorrow--Monday. Sorry Brownies!! Since next Monday is a holiday, I will work on getting a meeting together for us--it may be somewhere besides school though. I will let you know!

Everyone stay warm out there!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Daisy meeting

What a nice welcome back from Christmas break--to spend it with my Daisy's! And to add to the fun, we had a newcomer join us!! Wonderful! During our meeeting today, the girls and I began our journey book. We started our trip with Lupe the Lupine and Clover in traveling from Maine to Alaska! We talked about our favorite colors and took a "trip" around school to find some. We also talked about how to encourage our friends when they need it. Last, but not least, we talked about our cookie sales starting this Friday. Lots of fun was had by all and I can't wait to meet with everyone again!

And the cookie sales begin!

In an hour, the cookie sales are to begin!! So get out there and sell those cookies!! lol! I received a letter about cookie sales. It is really neat and you can even sell your cookies online!! I am going to copy and paste the info into this email. I recommend for you to visit this site and let the girls go through it with you. Maybe it will help get them excited about cookie sales. Remember if they see you excited, they will get excited too! Happy saleling!!

PS for those of you who do not have your order forms yet, you can still sell, just keep track of it on regular paper and maybe use this website to get some orders going online! I will get the forms to you, we'll see how the weather does this weekend. If you need a form, please email or call me so I know who I need to get in touch to get them to you. Also, I have to have the permission form to sale from you before you sell. Thanks!!

Becky Copeland

Are you looking for ways to get your girls and their families excited about the 2010 Girl Scout Cookie Sale? Go to

and find information for troops, girls, families and volunteers in an easy-to-use format.

New this year!

Girls may market their cookie sales ON LINE by sending e-cards, email messages to their friends, family and others by using this link.

Go to – catch goals – on line marketing. From there, the girls can send out email cards (all ages) and messages to their facebook friends (13 years and older) through a SECURE SITE.

Patch requirements for Goal Getter Patch and Smart Cookies Patch can be found on our website on January 8th.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Back at it!

It is back to school time. I hope everyone had a great holiday season and enjoyed some time off. I hope the girls are all ready to get back to school--I know I am ready for my kids to get back into school! lol! Girl Scouts start back also! On Monday, January 4th, we will be having a DAISY meeting. So Daisy mom's don't forget to send a note home with your child so they can stay after school.

Keep Jan. 8th in mind---that is the official start date for selling girl scout cookies!! I am excited! We will have the month of January to see those cookies! Yeah!! Remember, call or email me with any questions or concerns!

See you Daisy's tomorrow!!