Saturday, November 14, 2009


Thank you everyone for picking up your product today--there are only a few left to hand out and arrangements have been made for most of these! Good job!! If you come across any extra product or are missing any let me know. Right now we are short 5 Deluxe Pecan Clusters--so if you come across any, please let me know! The $ for the product (if you haven't already turned it in) is due to me NO LATER than early morning of NOv. 30th. I can be at school that morning if anyone wants to bring it to me, or we can meet up sometime that weekend before. Please contact me and let me know. I know that is a Holiday weekend, but I am sure we can work something out!
The incentives and badges will be given to me Tuesday evening on the 1st at my meeting.

Don't forget the Brownies are meeting this Monday after school (Nov. 16th) and the Daisy's will be meeting the next Monday (Nov.23rd). So don't forget to write excuses for the girls to stay after school on their respective days.


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zoies_mama said...

hey bec, I will have Zoie at the mtg. she goes at 1:30 to get her
H1N1, I want to have her back b/f school is over but you know how things like this go. I will see you later.