Saturday, December 5, 2009

We survived!!!

Everyone survived the overnight (including the moms that went!)(I soooooo appreciate you brave moms who went with us, I couldn't have done it without you!) We all had lots of fun. The dance studio ladies came and taught the girls some jazz, ballet, and basic dance movements. Our own Mary won her groups dance step game and Seria and Markita came in second in their groups! Way to go girls! We ate lots of pizza, popcorn and extra snacks that Seria's mom sent for all the girls. Thanks so much Loretta! We then set up our sleeping pads and snuggled in to watch Snow Buddies (very cute movie!) Everyone was finally asleep by midnight (yeah!) It was rise and shine by 7am and we packed up, ate poptarts, cold pizza and milk and trudged home. Imagine our surprise when we walked outside to be greeted by snow!!!! What a wonderful sight! Moms, dads be proud of your young ladies, they were polite and minded their manners and smiled all night long! I was proud of them!

Now, off to get things together and to get ready for the parade. See all of you at 3:30 by First Baptist church in town for the parade!! Dress warm! How wonderful to have snow for the Christmas parade!!

Don't forget the Daisy's meet after school this Monday--write your girls a note that will allow them to stay after school!!

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