Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Brownie meeting completed

I was very proud of the girls at the meeting today! They were soooo good!! They really listend and followed directions today! Go girls! We completed our service project today. All the girls should have come home with a wrapped present (jar with the dry ingredients for hot chocolate). They are to give it to someone in their community that is either elderly or a shut-in. I would rather it go to someone who is not a grandparent. Try to encourage them to give it to someone they aren't as "comfortable" with being around. They need to do this before Christmas. Also, I gave out all the patches/badges they have earned up till now. I also gave them their sashes and identifying badges. Some are iron on and some are to be sewed onto the sash. If you have any questions ask me! I also sent out the info for caroling. I REALLY need someone from the family to be there so we can start to discuss cookie sales. Thanks!

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