Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ok--I have some information for you parents. The first part of this pertains to those going on the overnight in Olive Hill this Friday evening, December 4th. I need to know from those going who needs a ride to the sleepover and back. This way I know for sure about who will be riding with whom. Also, for you moms who are going, I would love to know if you are willing to transport a child or two if needed. So please, please, please, let me hear from all of you (email or phone) as soon as possible. For those who need a ride there or wants to follow me up there, we are meeting at Farmers parking lot in Grayson at around 5: 35-5:40. I want to leave Grayson no later than 6PM. When we get to the sleepover I need to register and pick up the patches. Activities start at 6:30. Activities run till around 11-11:30 PM then we will bed down and try to get some sleep. We will get up at 7 AM, poptarts and milk by 7:30 and leaving there by 8am. We will meet back in Grayson at 8:30 AM at Farmers for you to pick up your girls. The sleepover is not a lock in, so if you need to leave before 8AM, that is fine. Just let me know what time you want to pick them up at the school and I will be sure they are ready to go by that time. I will have my cell phone with me (831-3479) so call me if you need to. I recommend the girls pack light. Here are some recommendations for what to bring: pajamas (or loose clothing like sweat pants--something warm to sleep in would probably be better), house shoes/socks, clothes to change into on Saturday, toothbrush/toothpaste, comb, any medicines that are needed to be taken in a baggie that is labeled and has instructions with it, pillow, sleeping bag, blanket, and a can of food or nonperishable item to donate to the food pantry. There is no need for the girls to bring money or anything valuable. If an air matress is brought, the only rule they have is a big air mattress can't just have one person on it, because of room constraints. If you have any additional questions for me, please contact me!

Now, for the parade. Very simple, we need to meet at the First Baptist Church parking lot beside the courthouse at 3:30 Pm on Saturday. My dad will be pulling the girls on a trailor down Main street. Have the girls dress warm, coats, gloves, scarves, hats, etc. If your daughter wants to throw candy during the parade, they can bring a bag of candy with them. The parade may seem like a small thing, but it really means alot to the kids and will be a fun memory for them. If they don't have a previous commitment, I hope they are able to attend.

I have tenatively scheduled the girls to go Christmas caroling on the Monday before Christmas. I am still working on details, but am hoping we can go caroling at the Friendship and chapel houses and possibly outside Kmart for a bit. It will be great fun and the girls that participate will get patches for it. After the caroling, we will go to First Church of Christ in town and have some hot drinks and cookies. Speaking of cookies, I will at that time give everyone information on our upcoming cookie sales that begins the first of the year. So keep that date in mind (it will be during the evening). Possibly beginning at 6 PM. I will let you know when I have things pinned down a bit more.

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