Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Good morning!! Our Brownie meeting yesterday went really well! I have such fun with the girls! We did activities that will help in working towards two different Try-its. The Eco-awareness and animal patch. For the girls going on the zoo trip, they will complete the activities needed to obtain these two Try-Its. For the girls unable to attend the zoo, they can do a short activity at home to complete their tasks. I will let these girls know what they need to do in order to finish up for their patches. Ask your girls what we talked about at the meeting. To give you a heads up so you can prompt them if they have forgotten: we thought of an animal and talked about what "habitats" were and had the girls draw a picture of that animals habitat, we alo did an animal movement charade. Hope the girls had fun and have learned a bit about animals and how they live, move and act.

Becky Copeland

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