Monday, February 8, 2010

it has been awhile...

I am not sure if anyone visits this site, but I am sorry to be so long in updating the page and sending out info. I sent this email out earlier today:

Since we are now having school on Feb. 15, (pending no snow on that date) we will be having a Brownie meeting on both Feb. 15 and also on Feb.22. The Feb. 15 meeting will make up for the one missed Feb.1 and the Feb. 22 meeting is our regulary scheduled meeting. The Daisy's meet this evening and then again on March 1st. I will be letting you know about booth sales as soon as I find out. Thanks for being patient and understanding during this time of bad weather we are having. I know it gets confusing, but I am just a call or email away.

I am still getting approval for a few places in town to sell cookies for the booth sale. Bear with me, you will know as soon as I know! I am also, waiting to hear back from the school to see if they will let me and both troops set up a table up in front of the school one Monday for the girls to sell cookies as parents come and pick up their kids. On that Monday, I will have a combined meeting with both troops. This way everyone gets the opportunity to earn a booth patch. I am hoping to also have two more places and times to sell the cookies. Over the next couple of meetings, I will be going over how to sell cookies with the girls, making signs and thank you cards to hand out to the cookie buyers. We will be role playing how to polietly yet effectively selling cookies. I encourage you to also practice with your girls on how to do this so they will become comfortable with approaching people while using their good manners. Thanks for all you do and for getting me your cookie orders! I know it was a bit crazy due to the snow and all! Thanks!

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