Friday, February 19, 2010

Ok, the Saturday event is cancelled for tomorrow. Not many girls were able to make it and I want to do it when most of the girls can be there to get their Trefoil pins. I have decided to do it on one of our scheduled meeting dates and combine both troops for it. So, if we have school on Monday, I want both troops to meet after school. So the Brownies and Daisy's will be meeting Monday, Feb. 22nd if there is school. Reason #2 for doing this---I will be picking up the cookies Monday during the day. If there is school, I will be bringing the cookies to the school where we will all sort them and send them home with the girls as they leave the meeting. If for some reason your daughter cannot make the meeting, notify me so that we can make arrangements for me to get the cookies to you. I think this will be the easiest way to get the cookies to you is to give them out at the meeting. So, if any of you moms are able to come and help out at this meeting Monday, please come. I will definitely need as many hands as I can get! If, heaven forbid, we don't have school on Monday, I will make alternate plans and let you know what those are next week. I will have to see what the weather is going to do and then decide when and where we can meet to give you your cookies. Thanks!

I will let you know of the booth sales days and times on Monday.

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