Thursday, January 7, 2010

And the cookie sales begin!

In an hour, the cookie sales are to begin!! So get out there and sell those cookies!! lol! I received a letter about cookie sales. It is really neat and you can even sell your cookies online!! I am going to copy and paste the info into this email. I recommend for you to visit this site and let the girls go through it with you. Maybe it will help get them excited about cookie sales. Remember if they see you excited, they will get excited too! Happy saleling!!

PS for those of you who do not have your order forms yet, you can still sell, just keep track of it on regular paper and maybe use this website to get some orders going online! I will get the forms to you, we'll see how the weather does this weekend. If you need a form, please email or call me so I know who I need to get in touch to get them to you. Also, I have to have the permission form to sale from you before you sell. Thanks!!

Becky Copeland

Are you looking for ways to get your girls and their families excited about the 2010 Girl Scout Cookie Sale? Go to

and find information for troops, girls, families and volunteers in an easy-to-use format.

New this year!

Girls may market their cookie sales ON LINE by sending e-cards, email messages to their friends, family and others by using this link.

Go to – catch goals – on line marketing. From there, the girls can send out email cards (all ages) and messages to their facebook friends (13 years and older) through a SECURE SITE.

Patch requirements for Goal Getter Patch and Smart Cookies Patch can be found on our website on January 8th.

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