Saturday, March 27, 2010

Updates from March

We have finally had a month of no missed meetings due to snow!!! The girls are trudging right along in their activities. The Daisy's are very close to finishing their journal books. At the last meeting, we decided on our clover project. They are going to be making posters that shows how we can use our resources wisely and also they will be planting sunflowers in order to help keep our soil clean (we hope to be able to do this at the lake). They are also working on getting a garden fun patch.

The Brownies have also been plenty busy. They have progressed in their journal book. At the last meeting, they worked on several activities to complete the requirements for 2 Try-Its: Girl Scout Ways and Girl Sports. Over the next few sessions, we will be finishing our journals, the last activity for the above Try-Its and starting on 2 more Try-Its: Colors and Shapes and Hobbys.

Exciting times!! So don't miss out! If your daughter has or has to miss one of the meetings, let me know and I will make sure they get the opportunity to complete the activities in order to earn the Try-Its.

Cookie stuff is about over with!!! Yeah!! I have counted out the cookie $ and sent out individual emails to all of you telling what was sold, how much was given and how much was needed. When all the $ is in and the last few extra boxes are sold (the ones left over from the booth sales) the troops will have earned a profit of between $500-$600 each. (I don't want to post the exact amount, ask me if you want to know). GOOD JOB GIRLS!! Let me know what prizes they want by the 29th.

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